We specialize in beautiful honey wine (mead), apple, and maple wines. Our offerings run from very traditional to experimental – serious wines for that formal dinner to fun ones to be shared with friends. Wine for any place, any moment, and everyone!  

We strive to make world class wine using Pennsylvanian harvested ingredients in our small urban winery in Dunmore, PA.

What’s a wine? What’s a mead? What’s a cider?

When we think of wine, we picture that glass of alcoholic beverage made from grapes. However, grape wine is only one type of wine. In the United States, wine is defined as having more than between 7% and 24% alc./vol. Wine is made from grapes and other agricultural products.

Here is a quick, simple summary:

Cider is made from the fermented juice of apples (apple wine) or pears (perry, pear wine). Hard cider refers to the nonalcoholic cider fermented into alcohol.

Grape Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes

Mead, or honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey. Do not confuse this with grape wine that had honey added – they are not meads.

This is just the start as you can have fruit wine (blueberry, raspberry, peach, etc.), maple wine, rhubarb wine, etc. So when you hear the word wine, remember there is more than just the grape.