Our Mead and Cider

Overall approach

We are wine makers whom happen to specialize in wines made from honey, apples, and maple syrup. Blending a thousands of years of wine making techniques with the creativity of modern craft beverages.

We make world class wine using local ingredients showcasing the wonderful harvest of NE PA.

Our mead, cider and maple wine have received awards and recognition at national and international competitions like Mazur Cup International, Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, Cider Craft Magazine, and the American Wine Society.

Mead, apple, pear, fruit, and maple wines are naturally gluten free. When we use a potentially gluten containing ingredient, we will label our wines appropriately.

Our Mead

We specialize in mead that goes from very traditional to experimental. Serious wines for that formal dinner to fun ones to be shared with friends.  

Locally source honey is the foundation of almost all of our meads. There is no brewing as our mead is make in the same process as grape wines, but with some care and nurturing that a hone wine needs to be exceptional.

Locally sourced honey is the foundation of almost all of our meads. On occasion we experiment with non local honey – orange blossom , coffee blossom, saw palmetto, etc when we want to show how wonderfully complex honey is, just as different grapes are.

Our Cider

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apples or pears. Other fruits, herbs and spices can be added. Cider is not brewed but made in a process similar to making grape wine.

Our process focuses on allowing the apples to be themselves – some handholding but minimal intervention for them to express themselves in a glass as a fine complex wonderful beverage apple and pear cider can be.

We make 2 styles – modern ciders using commercial yeast – often these are dryer (less sweet) with some acidity. The other is a natural style inspired by the great cider makers of France. Complexity , natural sweetness, and carbonation the result of the orchard. Both styles are fantastic food pairing ciders.

For everything there is a season. Our cider is only made in the late fall, early winter – “harvest driven cider making”. We get our apple/pear juice only during the harvest. We’ll start our annual cider making sometime in November with the last juice going into the tanks in late December.

Our Maple Wine

Locally sourced maple syrup fermented to either a semi sweet or sweet dessert wine. Designed to pair with apple or pumpkin pies, or simply sip in front of the fireplace. We have a few techniques that take a simple beverage to a drink that is both balanced and sophisticated.