Our wines, our wine making.

What does Spacetime Mead offer?
We specialize in honey wine (mead), apple, maple wines.  Like grape wine? We got that too.  Our offerings run from very traditional, to experimental – serious wines for that formal dinner, fun ones to be shared with friends.  Traditional meads highlighting the sophisticated honey notes to modern styles with coffee, lavender, vanilla, peppers, hops, whiskey barrel aging, etc.

How to you make your wine?
Our wine making philosophy is to blend time tested techniques with modern practices, and new innovations. We limit unnecessary processes or additives while not limiting experimentation – pushing the frontier of meads and ciders.

What is mead?
Mead, or honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey. Our mead can be dry with or without oakiness for that perfect dinner pairing; refreshing, and light for drinking on its own; or full bodied and sweet for winding down at the end of an evening.  If you like grape wine, we have a mead that fits your taste.

What is cider?
Cider is made from the fermented juice of apples (apple wine) or pears (perry, pear wine). Hard cider refers to the nonalcoholic cider fermented into alcohol.  Our ciders tend to on the dryer side, and not carbonated making for refreshing compliments to foods or on their own.  Our ciders can be a lower alcohol alternative to a nice off dry grape wine.

Any gluten-free options?
All our wine and ciders generally are gluten free, contains no added sugars, and use actual fruits and spices.  We rarely use flavorings.

Where do you source your ingredients?
We source the fruit, honey, maple syrup as local as possible. As a PA preferred Winery, we have committed to sourcing our ingredients from Pennsylvania whenever possible.  We get the majority of our ingredients from within 50 miles of our winery.  We know the beekeepers, and the growers. Our wines are made in stainless steel tanks in the back room of an old Dunmore building.  It has housed small businesses for over 90 years, and we are happy to be part of its history.