Ours is a product of nature needing clean water, bees that produce honey, insects that pollenate, plants that flavor, and wildlife that makes life that much more enjoyable. Sustainability remains our #1 guiding principal.

Earth Day Every Day!

Every choice we make when it comes to packaging considers the full life cycle of the material.  That is why we choose natural cork, and paper bags.  Both materials can easily be reused or recycled.  However, we cannot count on everyone to do this, so if they get tossed on the ground or ends up in our local waterways, they will not do any harm.  All published estimates show that the production of natural cork has a lower carbon footprint than any alternative. More importantly, if you calculate the carbon fixing effect of the cork forest, the net carbon footprint for natural cork is an offset that can be applied to our other winery activities. While these choices cost us about $1-2/bottle, the long-term savings is well worth the investment. 

In 2023 we initiated a bottle reuse program. We offer $0.20 for each empty and rinsed bottle of our products. We will then clean, sanitize, and reuse. Reduce, reuse then recycle! Reuse has both environmental and cost saving benefits than recycling.

Improving the Local Environment

We are a proud supporter of the LRCA and have committed a portion of our annual gross sales to them. The LRCA has done so much for Lackawanna County’s quality of life by protecting and cleaning up the Lackawanna River and surrounding lands.

Towards carbon neutrality

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We and our shipping partner, Vinoshipper are part of UPS’s Carbon Neutral and Carbon Offset program. UPS’s carbon neutral program supports projects that offset the climate impact of each of the packages shipped through the Vinoshipper platform.

Energy Management

100% of our electric power supply is generated from clean, emissions-free Pennsylvania wind power.

Continuous in-house program to reduce energy consumption via smart thermostats, LED lighting upgrades, motion sensor lighting, and efficient operation of equipment.

Replaced large thermally inefficient single pane windows with smaller Energy Star rated windows.

Our event and delivery vehicles achieve about 45mpg.

We are seeing financial benefits too! We are spending less money on energy and have limited our exposure to rising energy costs.

Local Sourcing

We source our fruit, honey, & maple syrup as local as possible. As a PA Preferred Winery, we have committed to sourcing our ingredients from Pennsylvania whenever possible. We get the majority of our ingredients from within 50 miles of our winery reducing our carbon footprint and assuring quality. We know the beekeepers, and the growers.